Engineering Calculators

In this section, we present a number of Engineering Calculators applicable to heat transfer systems. They can be used for the determination of different system parameters including heat transfer rates, chiller size, tank heating coil length, heat transfer system volume, operating fluid viscosity, thermal expansion coefficient, fluid velocity and Reynold’s Number. These calculators are presented in a format that is easy to use. Simply click on the calculator of interest, enter the required inputs and calculate the desired output. Of course, our Engineers at Relatherm are happy to advise and support with all system related calculations and estimations. If you need help, we are always here to help.

Basic Heat Transfer

Compute basic heat transfer rates

Tank Heating Coils

Calculate pipe/coil length and heat transfer surface area

Basic Chiller Sizing

Estimate chiller tonnage


Compute flow velocity, flow rate and Reynold’s Number

Viscosity Estimation

Calculate viscosity at random temperatures from two data points

System Volume Determination

Estimate thermal fluid volumetric requirements.

Thermal Expansion

Account for volumetric expansions as temperatures increase