Relatherm’s ThermoFluid Care Program includes an industry-leading recycling and reclamation service for synthetic heat transfer fluids. With the global focus on the impact of synthetic chemicals on the environment, heat transfer fluid end users constantly seek greener alternatives to dumping and disposing used synthetic thermal fluids in an incinerator or a landfill. We improve the environmental sustainability of our clients’ operations through the distillation-based removal of degradation byproducts from used synthetic heat transfer fluid and the reuse of the reclaimed fluids.

Our ThermoFluid Care Program offers end users an option to reclaim and reuse their heat transfer fluid instead of fully replacing their spent synthetic heat transfer fluids. In large systems containing tens of thousands of gallons, this service yields significant cost savings when compared to purchasing a complete refill of virgin fluids. The reclaimed thermal fluid matches the original performance specifications of the virgin heat transfer fluid. As such, it is completely suitable for service. Relatherm has successfully reclaimed and recycled the following synthetic fluids – Eutectic mixture of Diphenyl Oxide and Biphenyl (Dowtherm A®, Therminol® VP-1), partially hydrogenated terphenyl (Therminol® 66), DibenzylToluene (Marlotherm SH), Linear Alkyl Benzene (Therminol® 55). Reprocessing yields are typically dependent on the severity of degradation. In our experience, we have witnessed yields ranging from 50-95%. Where needed, Relatherm provides virgin make up heat transfer fluid for top-off purposes.

Our seven-step process for thermal fluid reclamation is simple and easy to understand :

  1. 1st Sample Analysis: Send us a sample of your used synthetic heat transfer (see sidebar). We will test and analyze it for fluid degradation and determine the best distillation technology to utilize, if the fluid is deemed to be degraded
  2. Outbound Transportation: A dedicated Custom Care Manager will work with you to arrange the safe removal and transportation of your used thermal fluid to our reprocessing facility.
  3. 2nd Sample Analysis: We will test and analyze your used fluid sample and validate the proposed reclamation procedure.
  4. Reprocessing (Phase I): If the fluid analysis revealed the presence of moisture or light ends, we will flash those off and remove them in order to increase the flashpoint of the heat transfer fluid.
  5. Reprocessing (Phase II): The remaining heat transfer fluid then is distilled, separating distillate from the high boiling/tars (residue).
  6. 3rd Sample Analysis: We test the reclaimed thermal fluid and benchmark the results against reported values for virgin fluid.
  7. Inbound Transportation: If the heat transfer fluid meets the desired specifications, a dedicated Customer Account Manager works with you to arrange delivery of the reclaimed heat transfer fluid and any required virgin fluids back to your facility for reuse.