We offer free fluid testing, analysis, and result interpretation. This offering helps end users in diverse manufacturing plants to keep a tab on the health and operational status of their heat transfer fluids.

The multiplicity of applications, process conditions and potential scenarios means that there is no standard rule of thumb for fluid longevity and service worthiness. As such, our fluid testing and analysis service helps to set benchmarks for fluid changeouts and top offs. This complimentary service is an immensely valuable tool that operators rely on for the tracking and prediction of system issues before they happen. By taking a preventative maintenance approach to thermal fluid management, equipment owners and operators reduce maintenance costs, improve production uptime while running a safer, cleaner, and trouble-free heat transfer system.

Relatherm tests for physical and chemical properties such as Flash Point, Total Acid Number (TAN), Kinematic Viscosity, Fire Point, Auto-Ignition Temperature (AIT) and moisture content. More advanced tests can also include simulated distillation by Gas Chromatography and Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy. Our Thermal Fluid Engineers keep an eye out for considerable increases in TAN and viscosity which may point towards fluid oxidation. We also track and flag a drastic decrease in the flashpoint, fire point and auto-ignition temperature which is indicative of thermal cracking. You will be equally advised about the presence of contaminants if any show up on FTIR spectrum.

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