Relatherm’s ThermoFluid Care Program is an industry leading full life cycle management program designed to help heat transfer fluid users run their equipment with maximum safety, efficiency, and reliability. Built around a preventative maintenance philosophy, the ThermoFluid Care Program is geared towards reducing maintenance costs, boosting personnel safety, and improving equipment uptime.

The program covers three critical areas – free fluid testing and analysisfluid reclamation and an unmatched level of onsite and offsite engineering and maintenance support. Our free fluid testing and analysis service provides equipment owners and maintenance personnel with regular updates on the condition of the heat transfer fluid running in their systems. In line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, we offer a fluid reclamation and reuse service for synthetic heat transfer fluids. This service helps end users to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing their disposal costs and thermal fluid expense.  To cap it all, Relatherm offers excellent and unparalleled technical support onsite and offsite for maintenance troubleshooting, system cleaning, engineering design, operational training and process optimization.