Advanced Research & Development

Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids is backed by industry leaders in Thermofluid Engineering research. Through our research collaborations in the industry, we are able to take advantage of the many gallant strides made over three decades. This has resulted in the development of an expansive portfolio of long-lasting heat transfer fluids and effective system cleaners. We are proud to be associated with the following industry innovations:

Longest Fluid Service Life in the Industry

  • Our Extended Life Additive Technology remains unparalleled.
  • As a result, our heat transfer fluids last longer than most industry fluids.
  • Relatherm fluids transport heat more efficiently, resist oxidation maximally and provide trouble-free equipment operation.

Largest Selection of Heat Transfer Fluids in the Industry

Largest Selection of System Cleaners in the Industry

  • 7+ System Cleaners and counting!
  • Fast acting cleaners available for all chemistries – Mineral Oils, Glycols, PolyAlkylene Glycols, Silicones, Aromatics.
  • Onsite and Offsite System Cleaning Support.

Most Comprehensive Fluid Life Cycle Management IN THE INDUSTRY

Our Thermofluid Care Program features a complete suite of services:

  • Free Fluid Testing, Analysis and Result Interpretation
  • Fluid Recycling & Reclamation, where applicable
  • Engineering Design & Field Support

Most Obsessed with Health, Safety & the Environment

  • 99% of Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are safe, non-toxic & non-hazardous.
  • Personnel safety is not in jeopardy and no special disposal measures are required.
  • Relatherm offers high flashpoint fluids in the interest of process safety management.

Custom Thermal Fluid Formulation

  • For applications that are off the beaten path, Relatherm is able to customize a heat transfer fluid or system cleaner.
  • Our R&D team has the capability to formulate a custom fluid that is specific to and appropriate for your application.

Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to develop a custom solution that works for you.