Advanced Additive Technology

The Relatherm Extended Life Additive Technology is one of the most advanced in the heat transfer fluids industry. It sets Relatherm apart from other fluids when active system protection, fluid service life and trouble-free operation are considered. Most of our fluids utilize ultra-pure two-stage hydrocracked paraffinic and napthenic base oils as major building blocks. These base oils have a high degree of saturation and a very low sulphur content. They are infused with our advanced additive technology, a major gamechanger in the heat transfer fluids industry. Our technology provides a long fluid life even under oxidative process conditions. It also provides maximum protection for your equipment while mitigating sludge formation.

There are many heat transfer fluids from competitors that are merely straight mineral oils without an active additive package designed specifically for heat transfer systems. Others may have only a slight additive treat that would not withstand the rigor of today’s production environment. At Relatherm, we hold a different philosophy. We believe that by formulating our additives to prevent and resist field problems like oxidation, fouling, foaming, corrosion and elastomeric incompatibility, we help our customers run longer, safer, cleaner and trouble-free. If you are curious about why our proprietary additive technology is the right one for your system, you will find some of the key componentry shown below.


A dual-stage antioxidant package is the bedrock of the Relatherm Extended Life Additive Technology. We understand the mechanisms of heat transfer fluid oxidation inside out. As such Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids contain highly effective antioxidants that provide extreme oxidation resistance. Even in systems without an inert gas blanket, our thermal fluids outperform and outlast other industry fluids by a long stretch. This is by virtue of the inclusion of our effective double antioxidant package. Many brand name competitor fluids have only a single antioxidant that gets overspent with exposure to air. For that reason, these competitor fluids are prone to rapid sludge formation that threaten optimal system performance. Relatherm has the longest fluid life by virtue of its double oxidation protection.


The oxidation reaction of heat transfer fluid and the eventual formation of coke deposits or sludge is catalyzed by free metal ions. Relatherm Extended Life Additive Technology is equipped with highly potent metal deactivators that disarm these metal ions, thereby limiting their ability to degrade the heat transfer fluid. Even in copper pipes and heat exchangers that are particularly problematic, Relatherm offers superior oxidation protection and a longer service life compared to other industry fluids.


Corrosion is a critical concern in many heat transfer systems. For that reason, the Relatherm Extended Life AdditiveTechnology features active corrosion mitigating agents. This is particularly important because many corrosion mechanisms are activated by the presence of moisture in heat transfer systems. Water simply serves as a pathway for the transmission of current between a cathode and an anode, setting off a full blown corrosion of the metal equipment. Armed with this knowledge, Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are formulated expertly to mitigate and resist corrosion.


Billions of dollars are spent on seals (gaskets and O-Rings) annually. These seals are mostly manufactured out of elastomeric materials that can take a beating from heat transfer fluids running at high temperature and in applications with frequent cycling.  The Relatherm Extended Life Additive Technology contains active agents that extend the life and durability of your seals, thereby reducing the probability of leaks and improving equipment reliability. At Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids, we adopt a holistic system approach to our fluid formulation and design. As such, our advanced additive technology accounts for compatibility with system components that come in contact with heat transfer fluids.


Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are designed and formulated to disperse fouling agents in the event that they are present in a heat transfer system. Fouling agents can result from fluid oxidation byproducts, process stream contamination, or weld slags. If unchecked, they get deposited on the heat transfer surfaces/boundaries and constitute an additional resistance to heat transfer. To prevent this, we utilize top-of-the-line fouling dispersants to keep foulants in suspension, so that it can be filtered downstream. This essentially prevents fouling from affecting heat transfer efficiency.


Defoamers are included in the Relatherm Extended Life Additive Technology During start-up, air can become trapped in a system. Pumping creates air bubbles (foaming) which can lead to pump cavitations, possibly damaging pumps and other system components. Our proprietary additive package contains defoaming agents to help keep air from foaming in the oil.