How To Collect A Sample Of Heat Transfer Fluid From Your System

The first and most important rule when collecting heat transfer fluid samples is the use of adequate protective clothing including hand and face protection. This is very important because hot thermal fluid can cause serious burns and bodily damage. We also advise that you consult your equipment manufacturer or their manuals for recommendation on sample collection.

We recommend that the lowest circulation point accessible be identified and marked for fluid sample collection. This single point will yield a consistent and representative sample every time a sample is drawn.  Draw 8 ounces (250ml) of thermal fluid from the identified collection point into a jar. Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluid provides a test kit that includes collection jars. You can also utilize any dry and clean container with a lid. If you are using a plastic jar, the hot thermal fluid will need to be cooled down before it is transferred into the plastic jar. The sample should be sent to a heat transfer fluid supplier like Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluid for laboratory analysis. Used thermal fluid is not classified as a hazardous material (Hazmat) and can therefore be sent by regular mail.