Thinking Outside The Box With Custom Heat Transfer Fluids

Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids offers one of the most comprehensive portfolio of heat transfer fluids and system cleaners in the industry. So, there is a good chance that we will be able to find you a suitable thermal fluid for your specified application. However, every now and then, custom system requirements necessitate the development of custom thermal fluids. Relatherm utilizes an agile product development process that matches your application with a thermal fluid designed just for you.

Our New Product Development process starts with the collection of end-user requirements. Using the information obtained, our Thermal Fluid Engineers collaborate with their colleagues in the Research & Development (R&D) department. They work together on the design, testing and deployment of a custom heat transfer fluid fit for the unique end-user application.

In one instance, we took on the challenge of developing a heat transfer fluid with superior fire-resistant properties. Relatherm developed a custom heat transfer fluid for that application. For another customer operating a pump testing skid, we designed a custom heat transfer fluid with built-in anti-wear agents. Both custom fluids were formulated with modified additive formulations and were variants of Relatherm HT-3 and Relatherm HT-1 respectively.

At Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids, we love the opportunity to tackle important engineering problems and think outside the box.  Our R&D is agile and responsive. We are fully committed to process safety, product performance and customer satisfaction. Check our vast array of heat transfer fluids and system cleaners.  If your application needs a unique solution that is not well served by current industry offerings, contact us. We will be happy to help.