Engineering Design

Our Engineers often field questions about Engineering Design parameters all the time. So, we thought it wise to compile a list of common topics. Check our trove of Engineering Design resources here.

Using Prandtl Number to Assess Heat Transfer Fluid Options

Alternative Approaches to Heat Transfer Fluid Evaluation.

Understanding Heat Transfer Factor and Pressure Drop Factor

A Primer on Some Thermofluidic Parameters used for Thermal Fluid Evaluation.

Choosing The Right Metallurgy For Your Heat Transfer Fluids

Compatibility of Heat Transfer Fluids with commonly used metals.

Heat Transfer Fluids And Elastomer Compatibility

Compatibility of Heat Transfer Fluids with common elastomers.

How To Size A Chiller

Basic chiller sizing

Sizing An Expansion Tank For A Heat Transfer System

How to size an expansion tank appropriately.

Sizing Your Temperature Control Unit

Factors to consider for Sizing a Temperature Control Unit.

Thinking Outside The Box With Custom Heat Transfer Fluids

What if you need a custom fluid for a ‘unique’ application? Relatherm has you covered.