Technical Resources

Here we present a ton of technical resources that are relevant to thermal fluids and thermal fluid systems. These include a comprehensive library of product literature, maintenance and engineering design tips, as well as useful industry links.

Product Documentation

We have archived all applicable Technical Datasheets (TDS) and Safety Datasheets (SDS) in this section for ease of access and retrieval.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Do you have water in your heat transfer system? Or you are trying to get rid of sludge from your heat transfer system? We answer these questions and many more on common system maintenance tasks in this section.

Equipment Operation

Optimal fluid longevity is dependent on operating your heat transfer system efficiently. Check out our tips on how you can do that like a pro here.

Engineering Design

Our Engineers often field questions about Engineering Design parameters all the time. So, we thought it wise to compile a list of common topics. Check our trove of Engineering Design resources.

Case Studies & White Papers

This section details real life examples of Relatherm’s superior performance in the real world as well as expert opinion on Thermal Fluids from our technical leaders.

Useful Industry Links

We wish we could be everything to every customer, but we are only EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT at Heat Transfer Fluids & System Cleaners. Not to worry, we have curated an expansive list of reputable vendors that can supply associated equipment/services.


If you are not totally geeked out about Thermal Fluids like we are, there are probably a few technical jargons that need to be explained. Check out our glossary for more clarity.