Plastic processing machines like screw extruders, blow molding machines and injection molding machines require precise temperature control. As such, it is important to select a heat transfer fluid that not only gets the job done but also provides trouble-free operation. By trouble-free, we mean a thermal fluid that lasts long, resists oxidation, and does not pose health and safety risks.

Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids understands plastic processing and the specific heat transfer fluid requirements that typically come with them. Our Engineers are very familiar with parison control, extruder drawdown ratios and everything in between. Relatherm is one of the few leading heat transfer fluid manufacturers with actual field experience in plastic processing plants. We have used that deep industry knowledge over the years to perfect specific heat transfer fluids that are clean running, fouling-resistant, thermally stable, non-toxic and non-hazardous.  Our engineers will help you with selecting the most the optimal heat transfer fluid for your application. They are also available to help troubleshoot your system and provide other technical support as needed.

In addition, we provide system cleaners that can be used to restore and revive systems utilizing low quality heat transfer fluids. These systems are typically full of sludge and varnish with direct impacts on production outputs. Plastic manufacturers also take advantage of free fluid testing, analysis and interpretation offered through our complimentary ThermoFluid Care Program. Our Thermal Fluid Engineers are always on standby to offer expert advice on fluid selection, system troubleshooting, maintenance options and general technical support. Contact us today.


MAX USE TEMP 316°C/600°F | MIN USE TEMP -2°C/28°F

A versatile engineered thermal fluid that is robustly resistant to oxidation and thermal cracking. It is suitable for applications running at temperatures as high as 315°C /600°F. A non-toxic/non-hazardous fluid, it has an extended service life and can be safely [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 232°C/450°F | MIN USE TEMP -40°C/-40°F

Engineered thermal fluid designed for applications and equipment with a low-to-medium temperature range specification. It is also commonly used for dual cycle systems needing heating and cooling. It features  the Relatherm Dual Stage Anti-Oxidation technology which gives it an uncommon [Read more…]