MAX USE TEMP 340ºC / 644°F | MIN USE TEMP 15°C/59°F

Engineered thermal fluid designed for high temperature applications where a high flash point is beneficial for process safety management. It can serve as a non-toxic and non-hazardous alternative to popular aromatic heat transfer fluids PRODUCT SUMMARY Highest Flash Point in [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 316°C/600°F | MIN USE TEMP -2°C/28°F

A versatile engineered thermal fluid that is robustly resistant to oxidation and thermal cracking. It is suitable for applications running at temperatures as high as 315°C /600°F. A non-toxic/non-hazardous fluid, it has an extended service life and can be safely [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 327°C/620°F | MIN USE TEMP 0°C/32°F

A premium engineered thermal fluid rated for use in food processing, food packaging, and pharmaceutical applications. It is rated for use up to 327°C /621°F. Infused with the Relatherm Dual Stage Anti-Oxidation Technology, this thermal fluid is robustly resistant to [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 160°C/320°F | MIN USE TEMP -40°C/-40°F

Engineered heat transfer fluid formulated for the direct immersion cooling of semiconductors, cryptocurrency miners, data servers, motors, batteries, charging stations, calibration instruments and other electronics. Relatherm DX-1 offers efficient heat dissipation while maintaining your electronics within a desirable temperature range. [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 260°C/500°F | MIN USE TEMP -40°C/-40°F

Industry-leading system cleaner compatible with Ucon 500®,  Duratherm G and other Polyalkylene Glycol-based Heat Transfer Fluid. It is a fast-acting, light-to-moderate heat transfer system cleaner used to clean deposits and varnishes left behind by low grade PAG fluids. It is [Read more…]