Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are an optimal choice for hot press lamination applications. Lamination often entails using a heated press to coat or cure a film, foil, textile, plastic, metal, wood, or other porous or non-porous substrate with a surface. The hot presses contain platens, or rollers which are heated with Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids.

Productivity and uptime are the two most critical parameters for these processes. Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are fortified with an advanced additive technology that resists oxidation and sludge formation. This reduces the need for frequent oil changes and expensive downtime.  Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluid is also non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-odorous.

Apart from its non-fouling characteristics, Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are non-corrosive, and non-odorous. Our thermal fluids provide an exceptionally long service life, thereby providing maximum uptime in lamination processes. 

Laminate manufacturers also take advantage of the free fluid testing, analysis and interpretation offered through our complimentary ThermoFluid Care Program. Our Thermal Fluid Engineers are always on standby to offer expert advice on fluid selection, system troubleshooting, maintenance options and general technical support. Contact us today.


MAX USE TEMP 343°C/650°F | MIN USE TEMP -3°C/27°F

Well proven synthetic thermal fluid chemically equivalent to Therminol® 66. It is a liquid phase heat transfer fluid designed for high temperature applications. It maintains excellent thermal stability and pumpability over its specified bandwidth .   It is a cost-effective alternative [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 340ºC / 644°F | MIN USE TEMP 15°C/59°F

Engineered thermal fluid designed for high temperature applications where a high flash point is beneficial for process safety management. It can serve as a non-toxic and non-hazardous alternative to popular aromatic heat transfer fluids PRODUCT SUMMARY Highest Flash Point in [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 332°C/630°F | MIN USE TEMP -2°C/28°F

A premium high temperature heat transfer fluid engineered for applications operating between -2 ºC /28°F and 332ºC / 630°F. Its superior additive technology makes it uniquely suitable for demanding heat transfer and temperature control applications in diverse industries. PRODUCT SUMMARY [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 316°C/600°F | MIN USE TEMP -2°C/28°F

A versatile engineered thermal fluid that is robustly resistant to oxidation and thermal cracking. It is suitable for applications running at temperatures as high as 315°C /600°F. A non-toxic/non-hazardous fluid, it has an extended service life and can be safely [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 65°C/150°F | MIN USE TEMP -40°C/-40°F

Fast-acting emergency heat transfer system cleaner and reviver. It softens, dissolves, and cleans carbon deposits and sludge within heat transfer systems. It is an effective maintenance solution for the removal of hard carbon deposits during emergency shutdowns and planned outages. [Read more…]