Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids ensure precise temperature control in die cast systems processing zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, pewter and tin based alloys. The process involves injecting a molten metal under high pressure into a steel mold/die, which is in turn cooled by our heat transfer fluids running in cooling lines.

Controlling the temperature of a die casting die through the appropriate location of cooling lines is critical to product quality, machine performance and die life. Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids provides precise temperature control and ensure that the die can be operated in a trouble-free manner, resulting in the highest possible product quality. More importantly, our thermal fluids maintain high temperature stability thereby preventing thermal cracking. The Relatherm Extended Life Additive Technology help to prevent the formation and buildup of varnishes and deposits in the system.

Many die cast machine operators also take advantage of the free fluid testing, analysis and interpretation offered through our complimentary ThermoFluid Care Program. Our experienced Thermal Fluid Engineers are always on standby to offer expert advice on fluid selection, system troubleshooting, maintenance options and general technical support. Contact us today.


MAX USE TEMP 316°C/600°F | MIN USE TEMP -2°C/28°F

A versatile engineered thermal fluid that is robustly resistant to oxidation and thermal cracking. It is suitable for applications running at temperatures as high as 315°C /600°F. A non-toxic/non-hazardous fluid, it has an extended service life and can be safely [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 260°C/500°F | MIN USE TEMP -7°C/19°F

Engineered thermal fluid formulated as a better alternative to the UCON 500® PolyAlkylene Glycol Fluid. Unlike its predecessor which has a low oxidative stability and a short service life, Relatherm PAG is a premium PolyAlkylene Glycol heat transfer fluid infused [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 260°C/500°F | MIN USE TEMP -40°C/-40°F

Industry-leading system cleaner compatible with Ucon 500®,  Duratherm G and other Polyalkylene Glycol-based Heat Transfer Fluid. It is a fast-acting, light-to-moderate heat transfer system cleaner used to clean deposits and varnishes left behind by low grade PAG fluids. It is [Read more…]