Asphalt and aggregate production and storage facilities require high quality and economical heat transfer fluids (hot oils) for freeze protection and flow assurance. It is important for maintenance managers and operators to maintain the asphalt and aggregate within pumpability limits over an indefinite period of time, irrespective of ambient weather conditions. This means that the optimal heat transfer fluid is one that is reliable and trouble-free. Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are preferred in many asphalt and aggregate production and storage tanks because they provide efficient and cost-effective temperature control.​

Even on the coldest winter days, our thermal fluids remain fluid and pumpable. They are infused with an advanced additive technology that provides a clean-running operation and effective oxidation-resistance. More importantly, Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-odorous. This making them a safe bet for employee health, safety and environmental stewardship.

Many asphalt and aggregate facilities also take advantage of the free fluid testing, analysis and interpretation offered through our complimentary ThermoFluid Care Program. Our Thermal Fluid Engineers are always on standby to offer expert advice on fluid selection, system troubleshooting, maintenance options and general technical support. Contact us today.


MAX USE TEMP 316°C/600°F | MIN USE TEMP 0°C/32°F

Engineered thermal fluid designed for applications operating between 0°C/32°F and 316°C/600°F.  It is an environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid that is also economical, especially for demanding thermal systems. PRODUCT SUMMARY Budget-friendly thermal fluid Maximum use temperature: 315ºC / 600°F High [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 65°C/150°F | MIN USE TEMP -40°C/-40°F

Fast-acting emergency heat transfer system cleaner and reviver. It softens, dissolves, and cleans carbon deposits and sludge within heat transfer systems. It is an effective maintenance solution for the removal of hard carbon deposits during emergency shutdowns and planned outages. [Read more…]

MAX USE TEMP 260°C/500°F | MIN USE TEMP -40°C/-40°F

Industry-leading system cleaner compatible with Ucon 500®,  Duratherm G and other Polyalkylene Glycol-based Heat Transfer Fluid. It is a fast-acting, light-to-moderate heat transfer system cleaner used to clean deposits and varnishes left behind by low grade PAG fluids. It is [Read more…]