Products by Industry / Application

Heat Transfer Fluids and System Cleaners are used in many industrial applications. Our Thermal Fluid Engineers at Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids are versatile and experienced with all applications that utilize thermal fluids.

We have worked on hundreds of cool applications. These can range from cooling nuclear reactors to providing indirect heating in chicken fryers, keeping asphalt fluid in the wintertime, heating up a blow molder for plastic bottles, or chilling a rotary evaporator in a Cannabis extraction plant. We have seen it all.

Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids offer high performance, efficient heat transport, the longest fluid life possible, maximum oxidation resistance, and safety. Explore each industrial application to see which Relatherm product is right for you.

Plastics Processing

Heat Transfer Fluids for Thermolators®/Temperature Control Units, Mold Temperature Control etc.

Food & Pharmaceutical

Food-Grade Heat Transfer Fluids applicable in food production plants and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Chemical & Petrochemicals

Thermal Fluids for Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Jacketed Kettles and other heat transfer equipment  used in chemical plants.

Oil & Gas

Heat Transfer Fluids for Heaters, Reactors, Tanks, Heat Exchangers and other allied equipment used in Oil & Gas Processing

Asphalt & Aggregate

Hot Oil for Serpentine Coils and Manway Heaters used in Tanks holding Asphalt and Aggregate material.

Die Casting

Heat Transfer Fluids for Precision Temperature Control in Metal Casting Dies 

Cannabis Oil Extraction

Heat Transfer Fluids for Chillers & Baths in CBD Oil Processing

Hot Press Lamination

Thermal Fluids for Hot Presses used in wood and vinyl lamination plants.

Solar Power Generation

Heat Transfer Fluids for Heat Exchangers in Solar Power Turbines

Other Applications

Heat Transfer Fluids for any Application Requiring indirect Heating / Cooling