About Us

Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids is a leading provider of heat transfer fluids and heat transfer system cleaners to diverse industrial facilities around the world. We pride ourselves as suppliers of the largest selection of these thermal fluid products by virtue of the expansive breadth of our thermal fluid technologies. Whether you are looking for inhibited mineral oils, aromatic heat transfer fluids, glycols or system cleaners, Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids has you covered. Our engineers and industry partners have a combined experience of  over 45 years in heat transfer fluid applications in varied industries such as plastics and rubber, food and beverage, pharmaceutical processing, oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, textiles, solar power generation, cannabinoid oil distillation, asphalt storage, commercial laundromats, woodworking, die casting, printing, biofuels, as well as paint and pigments.

From multiple warehouse hubs in the United States, we fulfill all our Heat Transfer Fluid and System Cleaner orders on an expedited basis. We also provide complimentary fluid analysis on our products for the lifetime of your plant or equipment through our industry leading fluid cycle management offering called the ThermoFluid Care Program. Many customers rely on our years of experience, unparalleled technical support, industry expertise and network to boost their facility operations. By reducing downtime, improving thermal efficiency, reducing equipment maintenance cost and ensuring employee health and safety, Relatherm Heat Transfer Fluids contributes positively to the financial bottom line of its customers.